Patching other Services

Since moto does not support every AWS service available there is a way to patch boto3 calls until they are supported.

To do so, you need to mock the botocore.client.BaseClient._make_api_call function using mock.patch:

import boto3
import botocore
from unittest.mock import patch

# Original botocore _make_api_call function
orig = botocore.client.BaseClient._make_api_call

# Mocked botocore _make_api_call function
def mock_make_api_call(self, operation_name, kwarg):
    # For example for the Access Analyzer service
    # As you can see the operation_name has the list_analyzers snake_case form but
    # we are using the ListAnalyzers form.
    # Rationale ->
    if operation_name == 'ListAnalyzers':
        return { "analyzers":
                "arn": "ARN",
                "name": "Test Analyzer" ,
                "status": "Enabled",
                "findings": 0,
                "type": "ACCOUNT",
                "region": "eu-west-1"
    # If we don't want to patch the API call
    return orig(self, operation_name, kwarg)

def test_list_findings():
    client = boto3.client("accessanalyzer")

    with patch('botocore.client.BaseClient._make_api_call', new=mock_make_api_call):
        analyzers_list = client.list_analyzers()
        assert len(analyzers_list["analyzers"]) == 1
        # include your assertions here

Note that this does not use Moto, to keep it simple, but if you use any moto-decorators in addition to the patch, the call to orig(self, operation_name, kwarg) will be intercepted by Moto.