Intercepting URLs

Determining which URLs to intercept

In order for Moto to know which requests to intercept, Moto needs to know which URLs to intercept.
But how do we know which URL’s should be intercepted? There are a few ways of doing it:

  • For an existing service, copy/paste the url-path for an existing feature and cross your fingers and toes

  • Use the service model that is used by botocore: Look for the requestUri-field in the services.json file.

  • Make a call to AWS itself, and intercept the request using a proxy. This gives you all information you could need, including the URL, parameters, request and response format.

Intercepting AWS requests

Download and install a proxy such MITMProxy.

With the proxy running, the easiest way of proxying requests to AWS is probably via the CLI.

export HTTP_PROXY=http://localhost:8080
export HTTPS_PROXY=http://localhost:8080
aws ses describe-rule-set --no-verify-ssl
from botocore.config import Config
proxy_config = Config(proxies={'http': 'localhost:8080', 'https': 'localhost:8080'})
boto3.client("ses", config=proxy_config, use_ssl=False, verify=False)