Configuration Options

Moto has a variety of ways to configure the mock behaviour.

If you are using the decorators, some options are configurable within the decorator:

    "batch": {"use_docker": True},
    "lambda": {"use_docker": True},
    "core": {
        "mock_credentials": True,
        "passthrough": {
            "urls": ["*"],
            "services": ["dynamodb"]
        "reset_boto3_session": True,
    "iam": {"load_aws_managed_policies": False},
    "stepfunctions": {"execute_state_machine": True},

Dockerless Services

By default, Batch and AWSLambda will spin up a Docker image to execute the provided scripts and functions.

If you configure use_docker: False for either of these services, the scripts and functions will not be executed, and Moto will assume a successful invocation.

Passthrough Requests

Configure mock_credentials: False and passthrough if you want to only mock some services, but allow other requests to connect to AWS.

You can either passthrough all requests to a specific service, or all URL’s that match a specific pattern.

Reset Boto Session

When creating boto3-client for the first time, boto3 will create a default session that caches all kinds of things - including credentials. Subsequent boto3-clients will reuse that Session.

If the first test in your test suite is mocked, the default Session created in that test will have fake credentials, as supplied by Moto. But if the next test is not mocked and should reach out to AWS, it would do so with the mocked credentials from our cached Session.

That is why Moto resets the boto3-Session, to make sure that it is recreated with the correct credentials (either fake or mocked) everytime. It does come at a cost though, as instantiating a new boto3-Session is an expensive operation.

If all of your tests use Moto, and you never want to reach out to AWS, you can choose to _not_ reset the boto3-session. New boto3-clients that are created will reuse the boto3-Session (with fake credentials), making Moto much more performant.

AWS Managed Policies

Moto comes bundled with all Managed Policies that AWS exposes, which are updated regularly. However, they are not loaded unless specifically requested for performance reasons.

Set “iam”: {“load_aws_managed_policies”: True} to load these policies for a single test.

Configuring MotoServer

The following options can also be configured when running the MotoServer:

options = {
    "batch": {"use_docker": True},
    "lambda": {"use_docker": True},
    "stepfunctions": {"execute_state_machine": True}
}"http://localhost:5000/moto-api/config", json=options)

Send a GET request to see the current status of this configuration:


The IAM Managed Policies should be loaded with an environment variable:


Other configuration options