class moto.firehose.models.FirehoseBackend(region_name: str, account_id: str)

Implementation of Firehose APIs.

Implemented features for this service

  • [X] create_delivery_stream Create a Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.

  • [X] delete_delivery_stream Delete a delivery stream and its data.

    AllowForceDelete option is ignored as we only superficially apply state.

  • [X] describe_delivery_stream Return description of specified delivery stream and its status.

    Note: the ‘limit’ and ‘exclusive_start_destination_id’ parameters are not currently processed/implemented.

  • [X] list_delivery_streams Return list of delivery streams in alphabetic order of names.

  • [X] list_tags_for_delivery_stream Return list of tags.

  • [X] put_record Write a single data record into a Kinesis Data firehose stream.

  • [X] put_record_batch Write multiple data records into a Kinesis Data firehose stream.

  • [X] start_delivery_stream_encryption

  • [X] stop_delivery_stream_encryption

  • [X] tag_delivery_stream Add/update tags for specified delivery stream.

  • [X] untag_delivery_stream Removes tags from specified delivery stream.

  • [X] update_destination