New Features

Moto has a script that can automatically provide the scaffolding for a new service, and for adding new features to an existing service. This script does all the heavy lifting of generating template code, by looking up the API specification of a given boto3 method and adding the necessary code to mock it.

Please try it out by running:

export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION="us-east-2"
python scripts/

The script uses the click-module to assists with autocompletion.

  • Use Tab to auto-complete the first suggest service, or

  • Use the up and down-arrows on the keyboard to select something from the dropdown

  • Press enter to continue

An example interaction:

$ python scripts/
Select service: codedeploy

==Current Implementation Status==
[ ] add_tags_to_on_premises_instances
[ ] create_deployment
[ ] update_deployment_group
Select Operation: create_deployment

    Initializing service    codedeploy
    creating        moto/codedeploy
    creating        moto/codedeploy/
    creating        moto/codedeploy/
    creating        moto/codedeploy/
    creating        moto/codedeploy/
    creating        moto/codedeploy/
    creating        tests/test_codedeploy
    creating        tests/test_codedeploy/
    creating        tests/test_codedeploy/
    inserting code  moto/codedeploy/
    inserting code  moto/codedeploy/

Remaining steps after development is complete:
- Run scripts/,
- Run scripts/


The implementation coverage script is used to automatically update the full list of supported services.


In order to speed up the performance of MotoServer, all AWS URL’s that need intercepting are indexed. When adding/replacing any URLs in {service}/, please run python scripts/ to update this index.