Boto vs Boto3

Boto3 is the latest Python SDK, and as such the SDK targeted by Moto. All our @mock_-decorators should be usable against any boto3-version.

Still stuck on boto, the former SDK? Moto does have some support, in the form of our deprecated services:

from moto import mock_ec2_deprecated
import boto

def test_something_with_ec2():
    ec2_conn = boto.ec2.connect_to_region('us-east-1')

When using both boto2 and boto3, one can do this to avoid confusion:

from moto import mock_ec2_deprecated as mock_ec2_b2
from moto import mock_ec2

If you want to use Server Mode, the easiest way is to create a boto config file (~/.boto) with the following values:

is_secure = False
https_validate_certificates = False
proxy_port = 5000
proxy =